Monday, April 13, 2009

Recap of 4/9 meeting and reading for 4/16

Last week we reviewed the creative process in the universal using the basic Science of Mind metaphysical chart, showing the four aspects of the process: spirit, soul, body and the word. This entire process happens within the One Mind [of God] because that is all there is.

Spirit, also called love, objective mind, Self-knowing mind or the Presence is the conscious chooser of any of the unlimited ideas in the vast sea/field of infinite possibilities. It is the personal aspect of mind. It is first cause in an endless chain of cause-and-effect. This is the masculine aspect of Mind, the knower. It uses deductive reasoning.

Soul, also called law or subjective mind, is the blind doer, the impersonal aspect, the fertile soil in which the chosen ideas of Spirit incubate and grow into manifest form. It is the repository of all ideas, manifest and unmanifest, actual and potential - the sea/field of infinite possibilities and also the law of averages, the unlimited source of undifferentiated substance from which the material form is molded. This is the feminine apect of Mind. This aspect of mind is also conscious, but it is not self-conscious. It uses deductive reasoning.

The Word is the chosen idea, the vibration of which sets the Soul or Law of Mind in action to produce in material form the exact equivalent of the idea. The higher the vibration, the closer the manifest resembles the pure spiritual idea(l) in unity consciousness. The idea of highest vibration is the One Life, perfect, whole, limitless, balanced, harmonious and complete, whose essence is perfect love, peace, joy, prosperity, beauty and truth.

The body is the manifest idea, circumstances, events. It is the world of the seen, all of which is effect. In the universal, it is the vast network of galaxies, the planetary systems and everything on every planet. It uses both inductive and deductive reasoning. It is the known.

We used the analogy of the farmer (Spirit) who plants a tomato seed (thought) into the soil (Soul.) The soil (Soul) has all the substance needed (minerals, moisture, etc.) to grow the tomato seed (thought) into a tomato plant (body, material form.) The farmer does not dig up the soil to see if anything is happening underground. S/he knows (has faith) that the seed s/he has planted is good, that s/he is now done and the soil (Soul) will produce the rest. S/he knows a tomato plant will result and not a pumpkin vine. This is the undeviating law.

The Creative Process and Evolution
We are each a unique idea of the One [God, Source, Mind, Universe] residing in the One. We were made in the image and likeness of the One, therefore, we can and do use the same creative process that resulted in the galaxies, the mountains, the oceans, the great varieties of flowers, trees, birds, mammals and the infinitessimal and numberless micro-organisms. We are manifest spirit. We are the eyes, hands, and heart of the One God. We are the fulfillment of the One in the physical.

We are, each of us, at every moment, using our minds to think things into being. If we do not use our minds consciously, our lives follow the tendency of thought for the human race as it has evolved thus far, called "race consciousness" by Holmes. This tendency of thought sets the law of mind in action to produce the current average physical human condition in all its imperfection. This is called the "law of averages."

The human mind experiences the dualistic thinking that results from a belief that the knower is separate from the known, that the self is separate from the Source. This belief in separation results in the mistaken notions of lack, limitation, illness and death. These notions are not so much wrong as they are incomplete.

We are still evolving. In New Thought, we co-create with God in conscious evolution, bringing our lives "above the fray" of dualistic thinking, the law of averages and the human condition. We commune with the Presence through treatment, yoga, meditation and witnessing nature, and experience the oneness of all things.

In unity consciousness, we experience direct knowing or inspiration. It is understanding directly or "face-to-face" rather than "seeing through the glass darkly" as stated in 1Corinthians13. "We know as we are known." We know the Truth of our being, that we are whole, perfect and complete; that everything we need for the highest expression of our lives is already available at that higher vibratory level. All we need do is claim it, and we claim it through our convicted word of Truth. We accept it as already ours, knowing that, to accept is to receive. We know that, like the tomato seed, most of the creative process happens underground where we can't see it. Like the farmer, we plant our seed and wait expectantly, knowing what we planted will come to pass in the light of day.

This new higher-level thought raises the understanding for the whole human race, the process of spiritual evolution. By taking inspired action, we manifest this higher vibratory thought, and it becomes visibly accessible to the whole. In so doing, we raise the law of averages for the whole human race, participating in the evolutionary rise of human or self-consciousness to the next level, called by some cosmic consciousness (awareness of unity with the whole,) and manifesting in a more highly intelligent race, homo noeticus.

Roger Bannister, the runner, illustrated this by breaking the 4 minute mile. He saw with his mind it could be done. (He dipped his measuring vessel into the infinite sea of limitless possibilities and claimed an as yet unmanifest idea.) In creating a higher mental equivalent, he was able to accomplish a new thing, to materialize this new idea. Once others saw with their eyes that it could be done, they were able to break the 4 minute mile also. The human consciousness has evolved into accepting the idea of a less-than-4 minute mile as a fact, just as human consciousness evolved centuries ago into accepting a round rather than a flat world as fact.

We will soon be getting into the idea of conscious evolution more deeply through the writings of Holmes, Troward, and Atkinson. This is where volition comes into play.

Reading and Discussion
Last week we detoured from our Science of Mind reading to seek a deeper understanding of the terms will, volition and choice used by Holmes in his definition of terms in metaphysical chart 01.

We began reading "Thought Vibration, or The Law of Attraction in the Thought World" by William Walker Atkinson at Chapter 3 - A Talk About the Mind. We will continue this week at paragraph 8. This chapter explains the difference between active mentation or active efforts of the mind (new thoughts) and passive mental process (habitual thought.)

Several people shared testimonials of the good that has come into their lives in the form of resources, unexpected income and specific demonstrations of treatment. Our faith in the process continues to build as we apply ourselves to principle and see the results in our lives!

We now have 3 people car-pooling to Hingham for the May 2 Blue Mountain Center meditation initiation and retreat. Contact me if you would like to join us. Go to to register for this event. There is a sliding fee and scholarship available to make it possible for everyone to attend who has a mind to. It also allows everyone to express their gratitude to Source by supporting this channel of Spirit in the continuation and growth of its work as they are led.

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