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Dr. Emmet Fox: Minister, Author, Teacher, Healer, Mystic

A friend just emailed this to me and I thought I would share it. Emmet Fox is a well known healer and early New Thought minister, bio and works below. He is the author of the booklet, "The Golden Key" which many of you read when you joined the group. It is a simple method of thought displacement that has helped countless people to attain peace of mind. If you would like a copy of it, send an email request to me at - Rev. Cheryl

Love -by Emmet Fox
There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;
No disease that enough love will not heal;
No door that enough love will not open;
No gulf that enough love will not bridge;
No wall that enough love will not throw down;
No sin that enough love will not redeem . . .
It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble,
How hopeless the outlook,
How muddle the tangle,
How great the mistake,
A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all . . .
If only you could love enough you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the world.

(1886 - 1951)

His New York City Ministry Touched The World (1931-1951)

From: Emmet Fox His Life Story
Dr. Emmet Fox was a Minister, Author, Teacher, Healer and Mystic. Emmet Fox, probably more than any other New Thought leader has influenced more people simple because, in his day he attracted wider audiences than anyone else for longer periods of time. To this day, Emmet Fox is read more widely and is understood more clearly than any other New Thought writer.

Closet readers of Dr. Fox can be found in the Episcopal, Catholic, Baptist and Methodist churches, among others. His objective, as a New Thought teacher has always been, not to establish yet another religion, not to establish yet another set of religious doctrines, but to encourage individuals, whether they attend church or not, to develop their own creative power and to personally understand what God is, and what God is all about, and then to be able to relate that to their own lives. In His day, and to this day, Emmet Fox reached more people because he had a talent to speak and write with great clarity, and in a very dynamic way. His message was simple and direct. He said, "Sooner or later you will have to put God first in your life, God must become the only thing that really matters. It need not be and better not be the only thing in your life, but it must be the first thing." He said, "when that happens your life becomes simple, richer and infinitely more worthwhile." He brought new meaning to millions of people around the globe with his golden keys of health, inner peace and success.

In 1931, he became the pastor of The Church of the Healing Christ in New York city, founded by Dr. W. John Murray in 1906, and was called The First Church of Divine Science, in New York City. He was ordained a Divine Science Minister by Dr. Nona Brooks. This was the beginning of one of the most remarkable ministries in America. His Sunday morning lectures at the Hippodrome Theatre, the Manhattan Opera House and Carnegie Hall were attended by over 5000 people. His meditations were powerful and his sermons never lasted more than twenty minutes. He spoke to, and of God in the most personal and intimate terms. Over six hundred thousand copies of his book "Sermon on the Mount" have been distributed and are still popular today. It is in this remarkable book that he reveals a source of universal power that is rightly yours. "This power," states Dr. Fox, "is the real source of all things that exist. It needs only to flow into your being and transform itself into health, into true prosperity, into inspiration, or into anything else you may be needing. The power is there. It is present everywhere. It belongs to nobody in particular because it belongs to all. It is waiting at all times for men and women to call it into use -not merely in crisis, but in every problem however small every day of your life."

"The fact that most people do not suspect the existence of this Power does not change the fact that it is there," says Dr. Fox. "Remember that hardly anyone except a few philosophers suspected the existence of electricity, or the power of the steam, until a few generations ago, then these things were brought into the service of man and have transformed the world. The laws of Nature were just the same then as they are now; only people did not know that such a force existed, and so they had to go without. I believe many of the limitations and difficulties that people take for granted will be things of the past." In this book, Emmet Fox gives the keys to success in life by tapping into the realm of Infinite power. He teaches that man is a child of a perfect God.

Over one half million copies of "Power Through Constructive Thinking" are in circulation. It can be conservatively estimated, that the books and pamphlets he has written have come into the hands of tens of millions of people. His booklet The Golden Key, has topped all sales of new thought books worldwide and continues to be the most sought after booklet in his collection of writings. Dr. Fox was born in Ireland, raised in England, he ministered in America and made his transition in France.

The theme of his teachings is Life is Consciousness and we are what we think. He emphasized that if we want to change our life, we must change our thoughts first. We set forth our own destiny by our thoughts, words, and actions. That there is only one presence and power in the universe, God, all else is an illusion. He gave us the Golden Key. "Love is by far the most important thing of all", he said, "It is the golden gate of paradise. Pray for the understanding of Love, and meditate upon it daily. It casts out fear. It is the fulfilling of the law. Love is absolutely invincible."

"Emmet Fox left a mark. Life has been richer for hundreds of thousands of people, because he lived. He built his church on consciousness, knowing that God is instantly available and everywhere present. Like Peter, he built his church upon a rock, the rock of understanding that God is the only power and the only presence.”

from: Emmet Fox homepage at
Emmet Fox was born in Ireland on July 30, 1886, was educated in England, pursued his spiritual career mostly in the United States, and died in France on August 13, 1951.

His father, who died before Fox was ten, was a physician and member of Parliament. Fox attended Stamford Hill Jesuit college near London, and became an electrical engineer. However, he early discovered that he had healing power, and from the time of his late teens studied New Thought. He came to know the prominent New Thought writer Thomas Troward.
Fox attended the London meeting at which the
International New Thought Alliance was organized in 1914. He gave his first New Thought talk in Mortimer Hall in London in 1928. Soon he went to the United States, and in 1931 was selected to become the successor to the James Murray as the minister of New York's Church of the Healing Christ. Fox became immensely popular, and spoke to audiences in some of the largest halls in the city. He was ordained in the Divine Science branch of New Thought.

While Emmet Fox lived he addressed some of the largest audiences ever gathered to hear one man's thoughts on the religious meaning of life. His books and pamphlets have been distributed to over three million people and it can be conservatively estimated that they have come into the hands of ten million.

Fox's secretary was the mother of one of the men who worked with Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill Wilson, and partly as a result of this connection early AA groups often went to hear Fox. His writing, especially "The Sermon on the Mount," became popular in AA.

The influence of Emmet Fox in the spread of New Thought ideas and emphases lies not simply in the large number of his readers, but in the fact that he is so widely read by ministers of all denominations. A check in large denominational bookstores in various cities from time to time has revealed that Emmet Fox's books are in constant demand; and these are the stores in which ministers chiefly buy their books. They do not, of course, read it as New Thought, but they buy it and read it. There is nothing sectarian, certainly, in the titles "The Sermon on the Mount" and "The Ten Commandments," nor is there anything about them outwardly to indicate that they are New Thought, and nearly half a century after his death, the writings of Emmet Fox remain influential.

Resources: Contains a video of one of Fox's talks as well as many of his readings. Contains many of his readings. Unity website dedicated to the teaching of The Golden Key.

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  1. Gentlemen,

    Do you know if there are any recordings available in your archives, or anywhere, of Dr. Emmet Fox speaking?

    I've been searching in many different places to try to find a recording of him. There are many websites that have recordings of other people reading his books, but so far I haven't found any of Dr. Fox himself. Considering how famous he was, and the huge crowds of people who heard him at the Hippodrome Theater and Carnegie Hall in New York, I would think that there must be at least one recording of him somewhere.

    I've already been in touch with Reverends JoAnn and Cecil Corsiatto, the founders of the Emmet Fox Research Center. They have been continuing the legacy of Emmet Fox for 40 years, and they say there are no recordings of him. However, considering the huge amount of material in your archives, I'm hoping you might have a recording the Corsiattos don't know about.

    If there are any specific sources you can recommend for me to contact, I would be extremely grateful if you could let me know.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    - Tom Garber