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Frederick Bailes, early Science of Mind Teacher

Dr. Bailes, a student of Ernest Holmes, successfully treated many, including himself. His Seven Step treatment method is described below. Notice the similarities to and differences from the method we are using in group. I have his collected essays, which we will read from time to time in group. - Rev. Cheryl

Frederick Bailes

Dr. Frederick Bailes, born into a family of pioneers in New Zealand, was educated to be a medical missionary. Upon completing his training, he was diagnosed with diabetes, at the time considered incurable, which prevented him from entering his work. His discovery of the writings of Judge Thomas Troward helped him to develop a lifestyle which led to his complete recovery long before the discovery of insulin.

Later, as a student at a large London hospital, Dr. Bailes closely observed the mental factors entering into the recovery of patients. He noticed that certain fundamental thought-patterns invariably produced bodily reactions. By stimulating his patients causative mental patterns toward healing, Dr. Bailes soon found remarkable results.

Frederick Bailes was among the most popular and important teachers of the Science of Mind. Dr. Bailes served with Science of Mind founder Ernest Holmes as Assistant Dean of the Science of Mind Institute in Los Angeles. He also headed the largest Science of Mind church of its day. In addition, Dr. Bailes was an accomplished metaphysical healer, having healed himself of a so-called incurable disease, using the treatment method he describes below. “The Science of Mind philosophy,” says Dr. Frederick Bailes, “is not a few psychological tricks; it is a life to be lived.”

Dr. Frederick Bailes gave weekly lectures to capacity audiences in Los Angeles and was well known for his twice-weekly radio broadcasts. He is also the author of "Your Mind Can Heal You;" "Basic Principles of the Science of Mind;" "The Healing Power of Balanced Emotions;" and "Collected Essays of Frederick Bailes."

In his book "Your Mind Can Heal You," he gives a seven step approach to spiritual mind treatment. It starts, he says, "with the fundamental truth that the person for whom we are treating is a perfect idea in the Mind of God, and our whole procedure during a treatment is intended to remove from our own mind any idea or picture of imperfection or sickness."

Here are the seven "R's" of Bailes' treatment method:
Relaxation: We assume a position that assures physical relaxation and a quiet mind.

Recognition: We recognize that we are not speaking into a void. We are surrounded by the Creative Mind of the universe, which receives our thought embodied in our words and sets to work to carry it out into material form.

Relationship: We consciously unify with the Creative Mind, knowing that we ourselves, the person treated for, and this Mind are all one. There can never be any separation between them.

Reasoning: To arrive at this inner certainty, we have to dissolve all doubts. We go through a process of reasoning to arrive at this certainty.

Realization: Once we have arrived at the point where we realize the inner perfection of the one being treated for, we shall know it, because we shall have arrived at a place of quiet, calm assurance.

Release: We are not responsible for the outcome of the treatment. Our only responsibility is to build a clear picture in our mind of the perfection of ourselves and the one being treated for, and to remove all doubts about that perfection. We now release this picture to the Creative Mind.

Rejoice: We give thanks for the success of our treatment, not to influence how Mind works but to confirm our belief that the entire situation is resolved in exactly the right and ideal way.

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