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Recap of 4/23 meeting: The Principle and Practice of Science of Mind Simplified

In our discussion at last night's meeting, we went over the basics of Science of Mind to put what we have been learning into a simple perspective. I include the basics here and encourage readers to go back into earlier posts to fill in details. To put these ideas in context, follow along with Holmes' metaphysical charts. The link is included in an earlier post.

Please post any questions you have in the comments section and I will respond to them.

The Principle and Practice of Science of Mind Simplified:
There are two important components of every study, whether it be physics, psychology, accounting or the spiritual path. This is certainly true of Science of Mind, which, because of its wholeness, contains elements of philosophy, psychology, physics and spirituality. The two components of study are principle and practice.

We are studying the principle, the creative process, through the use of Holmes' metaphysical charts. Through these charts, we can see the relationship of the four aspects of creation both in the universal and in the individual.

In the universal, they are (1) Spirit also called the Self-conscious knower, Love, Objective Mind, First Cause; (2) Soul, also called the blind doer, Law, Subjective Mind; (3) the Word, also called Truth; and (4) Body, also referred to as the physical, material world and effect. I went over these in more detail in the last post.

In the individual, because we are made in the image and likeness of the One, the creative process in potential is the same. In actuality, it is dependent on the level of our consciousness or self-awareness pertaining to the Truth of our Being. We are spirit, and are able to embody this to the level of our understanding and acceptance of this. To the extent that we are caught up in the appearances of the material world of effect, perceiving effect to be cause rather than the result of previous thoughts, opinions and beliefs, we will continue to react to these appearances and to manifest old ideas. These old ideas are lower on the scale of intelligence and therefore in vibration; they are incomplete formulations of the Truth. They are subject to the relational, conditional thinking of the dualistic mind in the individual. They are subject to the misperception of lack, limitation, illness, competition, fear because the human mind, at this point is still learning to grasp the nature of infinity, eternality, oneness. We are still in the intellectual stage of understanding these concepts, rather than in the full embodiment of them.

In individual consciousness, our understanding of the nature of life is filtered through our senses. The thoughts and beliefs we hold about ourselves and our relationships to each other, to our environment and to the whole determine what we are willing and able to accept in our lives, as our lives. The Universal Consciousness with a full and total knowing simply announces itself: I AM Love, I AM Truth, I AM Beauty, I AM Wholeness, I AM Peace, I AM Joy, I AM Prosperity.

The vibration of this Truth in Universal consciousness, or our understanding of it in individual consciousness, sets the Law of Mind in motion at the level of our belief. The Law then creates a mold at the same vibrational level as our thought or belief, fills the mold with Universal Substance and it becomes a visible effect in the world or in our lives. Visible and invisible, it is all energy.

In practice, we raise the level of our consciousness and acceptance through the process of Spiritual Mind Treatment, also called Affirmative Prayer. Universal Spirit creates by announcing Itself with its perfect and complete knowledge of the Truth of Being. We consciously co-create by affirming who we believe ourselves to be at the level of our understanding. We increase our awareness of self by increasing our awareness of our Source, by accepting that we are created as an image and likeness of our Source and are therefore fully supported in the highest expression of our lives. We come to see ourselves as a unique fulfillment of Source as us. We turn from the incomplete expressions of self in form to the Truth of our wholeness in Spirit. By accepting and claiming our Truth, we create a new chain of causation by setting the Law into motion at this higher level of vibration. A new mold is made and raises our external circumstances to the higher level of belief we are now vibrating.

We can use either a five or seven step Spiritual Mind Treatment to raise our consciousness and to improve our lives. Our treatment will be successful to the extent that the words we use have deep personal meaning for us and resonate as the Truth for we are then able to speak these words with conviction, with feeling. The stronger the conviction behind our words, the higher the vibration. If we are feeling confusion or resistance during treatment, we stop and treat for clarity first, then begin our treatment anew.

Start your treatment with a statement of intention or focus, ie. I am a magnet for love. My life is prosperous and successful. My perfect right livelihood is on its way to me now. My body radiates health, vigor and well-being. I enjoy peace of mind.

Five Step Treatment:
1. Recognition: What I know about the nature of God, the Universe, the One.
There is One Life, One Source, One Presence, One Power for Good.
I recognize that good as love, intelligence, wholeness, prosperity, beauty, joy, peace. The universe flows in perfect balance, order and harmony. This One is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent.

2. Unification: What I know about my connection to, my relationship with the One.
I am the fulfillment of the One uniquely as me. I am a unique point in God consciousness. I am a thought of God. I am fully supported by the One in the highest expression of my life. I am the activity of God/the Universe as me.

3. Declaration/Realization: In declaration, using inductive reasoning (reasoning from the part to the whole) I direct my thought to a higher embodiment of one or more of the following in my life - health and well-being, prosperity and finances, work and creative expression, love and relationships. The statements are increasingly strong statements of faith about God or the One working in, through and as my life.

The statements must be specific, in the present tense, and made with feeling. I know, I accept, I claim all my good, all that is mine by divine inheritance. Be specific about the nature of this good - my health, my wealth, my harmonious and loving relationships, my fulfillment in my line of work, creative expression, activity. Describe what you desire to see more of in your life, do not outline how it should come about. You are on the planning board, not on the ways and means committee. You are the visionary.

In realization, I know the Truth of my wholeness. I know and I know that I know that I am fully supported in the highest expression of my life, that all is right with my life right here and right now. In realization, you feel the rightness, for there is nothing resisting the Truth.

I can reach realization through declarative statements or I can experience a direct knowing of this Truth through deductive reasoning (reasoning from the whole to the part.) Realization is the ah-ha moment of Truth. I realize my perfect health; I experience the expansive, joyful feeling of living in the house of my dreams or in the completely loving, fulfilling, harmonious, relationship I envision for myself or the inspired flow of creative ideas opening up new avenues into deeper and richer expressions of my innate talents and abilities.

4. Gratitude: I am grateful to know my word of truth has set the law of mind in motion in the direction of my life and circumstances. Even stronger, I am grateful to know my word is Law, that it is done unto me as I believe.

5. Release: I rest in the expectancy of a full demonstration. It is done as I have spoken; I let go and let God, knowing the perfect demonstration is already on its way into my life and affairs. And so it is.

Seven Step Treatment:
Steps 1: Recognition

Step 2: Unification

3. Affirmation: I affirm, I know, I am, I have, I experience...perfect health, wealth, love, creative expression. All that you desire to experience more of in your life.

4. Denial: I turn my back on, I release, I let go of any appearances of lack, limitation, illness, competition, fear, negative emotions or circumstances. They are facts but not the Truth and these appearances have no power over me. I let go of all that I have added to myself that is less than the truth of my perfection and wholeness and turn toward clarity, harmony and total fulfillment. I release all feelings of unforgiveness, resentment, guilt toward myself and others and turn toward love, acceptance and peace. I turn away from all ideas of imperfection, dis-ease, unworthiness and turn toward the Truth of my Being which is whole, perfect, complete, loving and lovable, prosperous, successful, etc.

5. Re-affirmation: Now you are in a more confident position to make stronger affirmations of Truth. I am whole, I am prosperous. I have the full backing and support of the Highest Power that is. I know with the full faith of God that my health is completely restored to its original perfection, that my channels are completely open to receive my full good in the form of financial abundance, unconditional love. I fully realize my creative potential through a strong and perpetual flow of inspired ideas from Creative Intelligence Itself. I bring these ideas into life through my unique skills and talents to the benefit of all, etc.


7. Release

Once we complete our treatment, we listen to inner promptings and watch for leadings and opportunities in our everyday life. We pay attention and take inspired action, stepping out in faith. In Science of Mind terms, "we treat and move our feet." This is the true embodiment of our word in our lives. It isn't a fully embodied belief until we act on it. Our actions are indications of our level of faith in the truth of our belief. Thinking nice thoughts might make us feel better and that is a good first step, but it doesn't have a lasting effect on building consciousness, skill or opportunity.

There is a common theme in the teachings of Jesus. He said, "It is done unto you as you believe." and "Your faith hath made you whole." By example, the infirm woman who crawled to touch the hem of his garment was healed by her action, which demonstrated her faith and her desire to be whole. Jesus instructed another invalid who was complaining he had no one to put him into the healing waters, "Take up thy bed and walk!" If we are serious about changing our lives, then our thoughts, beliefs, words and actions must all be in synch. Our actions are demonstrations of our faith in our beliefs. They are the embodiment of our beliefs and have power in them to move mountains - to attract assistance from unknown and unnumbered channels.

The bare bones of Science of Mind:

The 4 aspects of the Creative Process:

In the Universal:
1)Spirit, Love, Self-Conscious or Objective Mind
2)Soul, Law, Subjective Mind
3)Word of Truth
4)Body, Physical World, Effect

In the Individual:
1)Spirit, Love, Self-Conscious or Objective Mind
2)Soul, Law, Subconscious Mind
3)Thoughts, Beliefs, Ideas, either consciously or unconsciously held
4)Body, affairs and circumstances, effect


Set your intention, then

5 Steps of Treatment:
Recognition, Unification, Declaration/Realization, Gratitude, Release


7 Steps of Treatment:
Recognition, Unification, Affirmation, Denial, Re-affirmation, Gratitude, Release

4 Areas of Treatment:
Health and well-being, Love and Harmonious Relationships, Creative Expression and Work, Prosperity and Financial Abundance.

"Treat and move thy feet!"

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