Monday, March 23, 2009

"One," the Project; Agenda for 3/26 meeting; Demonstration

"One," the Project

Our potluck and video night on Sunday, March 22 was a success. As always, the array of food was delicious and abundant. The highlight of the meal was the decadent chocolate cake made by Maggie's son.

The movie, "One," was interesting from many standpoints. It offered responses to questions about the meaning of life from average people and from spiritual leaders of many different traditions (Sufi, Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic, Atheist, Rabbi, Native American Medicine Man, African King, etc.) It was also a demonstration of what is possible when an average person takes inspired action. The film-maker, Ward Powers, did not own or know how to operate a video camera when he started. He had no credentials for this project other than his clear intention. Nevertheless, he gained interviews from people such as Barbara Marx-Hubbard, Deepak Chopra, Father Keating of the Christian Contemplative Practice, Ram Dass, Thich Nhat Hanh and assistance from many more.

For more information on this movie and the larger project, go to Thank you, Jim, for your resourcefulness in finding this website.

For those unable to attend, you may contact me about a future showing.

Agenda for Thursday, March 26

Prosperity Project
  • Treatment for Unexpected Income
  • Holmes' Treatment for Supply
  • Demonstrations from past week
  • Readings and ideas from prosperity authors

Science of Mind 1926
  • Comments and questions about volition, choice and will. See my last post for more detailed definitions by Holmes.
  • Continuation of reading: We will complete the definitions from metaphysical chart no. 1, upper section on Spirit, beginning with Truth on page 59 of original book (bottom of page 18 of tree-friendly text.)
  • The book can be downloaded in entirety from the website Contact me before Thursday if you want an e-copy of the tree-friendly text.


Congrats to Karen on her new job! We know she already has everything she needs for her joy and success in this new venture.

- Rev. Cheryl

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